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Music And Me
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These are links to all my favorite local and some national bands:

Zymotic Flow

Zymotic Flow is a band hailing from Jersey. They have an amazing sound.

No Show Ponies

No Show Ponies are a band out of Camphill, PA.

Pete Palladino

Pete is lead singer of the Badlees and is working on a solo career.

The Badlees

The Badlees are a local band, who were at one point MTV pop stars, but now are doing the local thing all over again.

Superstar Jones

Superstar Jones is a band out of Pittsburgh, PA. I found them on the internet and fell in love with their music.

Seven Nations

Seven Nations (7N) is not your typical Celtic band. They hail from Orlando, Fla.

Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune (Miss F) is a band hailing from Boston, Mass. I met them at the MMC, and fell in love with their music.

The Jellybricks

The Jellybricks hail from Mechanicsburg, PA. They're an amazing "pop-rock" band.

New Invisible Joy

New Invisible Joy (NIJ) is a "Brit-pop" band hailing from Pittsburgh, PA. I met the guitarist in the girls bathroom, and after that, I fell in love with their music.

Five For Fighting

Five For Fighting is the pen name for John. He hails from L.A. and is an amazing musician.


These boys are from Pittsburgh, PA. I met them at the MMC, in my hotel room, and after that I was hooked on their music.

Almost Speechless

I met Almost Speechless looking for steps at to the fifth floor during the MMC. After that we hung out late in the lobby. I totally enjoy their music, and style. They hail from Boston, Mass.


This band hails from Reading, PA. I saw them perform with Aztek Trip at Croc Rock, and enjoyed their music. They're also a very "Animal Friendly" band.

Aztek Trip

Aztek Trip is a band that hails from Allentown, PA. They are a fun band to see live, and a bunch of nice boys.


Equation is a band that hails from England. I saw them perform with 7N at the Chameleon Club in Lancaster, PA, and totally enjoyed their performance.

Mikey's Page

Mikey is a kid hailing from Pittsburgh, PA. He is an amazing musician, and will probably go far in life.


Fuel is a band that now has a natoinal following. These boys call home Harrisburg, PA, and according to some articles put us on the map (though they definetly weren't the 1st).

The Clarks

The Clarks are a band that hail from Pittsburgh, PA. They are a group of really nice guys, with an amazing sound in music, and their lyrics are trully original.

Nowhere Quick

Nowhere Quick is a band out of Central PA. They're an amazing local band, and have a great sound.

These are some cool websites:

Radom Brothers Pittsburgh Bands

This website has a listing of almost all bands, and musicians in the Pittsburgh, PA area.


On you can find music from almost all of my favorite bands, and some really great ones you may like.


You can find local pics, and listing of things happening in the Central PA area.

Jackie's Homepage

This is my friend Jackie's website.

Shannon and Melanie's Page

Shannon and Melanie, have a great site where they also showcase a lot of local music.

Gwenny's Webpage

This is my little sisters website. We share the same taste in music and in a lot of other things we do.