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I'm stuck on bandaids again
My Family


This is a picture of my mom and dad, Terry and Bill.


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This is a picture of my cousin Madison. It was taken at my sister Logan's 16th birthday party.


This is a picture of my cousins Mic and Marley (sitting on Mic's lap). It was taken in Duck, North Carolina in the summer of 1999.


This is a picture of Filthy Phil with my sister Alex. It was taken in early spring 2001...they have straws up their noses and in their ears...


These are my sisters. Alex has the blue hair and Logan has the purple hair. This picture was taken at "A Day in the Park" on August 12, 2000.


This is a picture of my cousin Hannah, Madison's sister. It was taken at Logan's 16th birthday party in the summer of 2000.


This is a picture of my dog in the trunk of my mom's car. Her proper name is God Damn Little Dog, but you can just call her Little Dog. Shortly after this picture was taken she pissed in the trunk...she must have been camera shy...


This is a picture of my mom, my sister Logan, and me all laying on the couch at Cafe Venue. Check out Logan's socks..."one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish!!" This picture was taken in the late winter of 2001.