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I'm stuck on bandaids again


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From left to right: Chris Jamison, Jean-Marc Azoury, Ken Pardiny, and Kevin McDonald are the members of Grapevine.

Grapevine is a band from Pittsburgh, Pa composed of 4 members: Jean-Marc Azoury sings lead vocals and plays guitar, Kevin McDonald sings backing vocals and play lead guitar, Ken Pardiny sings backing vocals and plays bass, and Chris Jamison plays drums.

The band has a truly outstanding sound--I can't get enough of it!! Visit their site by clicking on the link below, and check out some of their music.

Grapevine's Official Site

I first heard of the band Grapevine at the Millennium Music Conference in Harrisburg, Pa on the 17th of February, 2001. We were staying at the Harrisburg Hilton in room 502, and we just so happened to have an adjoining'll never guess who are neighbors were...that's right--the guys of Grapevine. We had no idea who they were at the time, but had met them earlier in the day and found out that they were in a band. They were playing at the Vault (a strictly over 21 bar), and we couldn't get in to see them. So, we all went our separate ways--we listened to music at the hotel and met a guy in the girl's bathroom (see New Invisible Joy's page on this site for more info...), and they played at the Vault, and returned later that night (really Sunday morning). Around 2:30, we were all preparing to go to bed, when there was a knock at our adjoining door. It was the "neighbors". They asked where my mom was, and were reluctant to come in, seeing as we are all minors...anyway, they came in, smelled our hair jel, did some bellyflops on our beds, and talked for a while. They gave us some samples of their CD, and left for breakfast (they asked us to go, but we were in our PJs). The next morning we met up with them again and talked for awhile...we had to get to our home a few blocks away, and they had to get all the way back to Pitts...and that was only the beginning of my Grapevine adventure...


In the back is Logan with Jean-Marc, In the middle, from left to right, is my mom (Terry), me (Gwen), Ken, Emily (not related to us), Alex, Kevin, and in the front on the right side is Chris.

The next time I saw Grapevine was at Gullifty's in Camp Hill 2 weeks later--the 2nd of March. Their set was great! It was actually the first time I had heard the band in concert. They were playing with the Clarks, but we didn't stay for them because I have seen the many times. It was really hard getting in, but it eventually worked was worth the long wait and humiliation...did that lady actually think that by announcing that I was under 21 while TONS of people were on the steps that I would actually leave??

The next time I saw Grapevine was at Nick's Fat City in Pittsburgh. We traveled 4 hours just to see them and New Invisible Joy...Grapevine was playing on Friday the 30th of March at Nick's Fat City, and let me say that it was MUCH easier getting in there (thanks again to Kevin for arranging it!). It was sort of a spur-of-the-moment type thing...we decided the night before that we were going...after receiving an e-mail saying that we could get in. So we set out Friday morning, and it was a relatively easy drive (after figuring out that it was really 4 hours as opposed to 5 hours...hehehe, sorry mom...) We got to southside a little later, and then went to our hotel (and what is any good trip w/o an adventure?? we ended up getting a little lost, and somehow ended up in "Squirrel Nut Zipper land" a.k.a. Squirrel Hill, which isn't that far away, but we didn't have a map or directions, so it took us an hour to get back...) When we finally got to the hotel, we had just enough time to get ready, and headed out to Nick's. The first two bands were great, and when Grapevine came on, it was undescribable! It was such a joy seeing them amongst all of their local fans...hardly anyone knew who they were in Camp Hill...We had such a great time! It was great to see the band, and talk to they guys...they couln't believe that we came all the way to see them...isn't my mom crazy??
Thanks again to Kevin and the manager of Nick's Fat City for allowing us in! XOXOXO

Here are some of the pics we took at Nick's Fat City on March 20, 2001.


This is a picture of Chris playing drums.


This is a picture of Jean-Marc singing.


This is a picture of Kevin playing guitar.


Here's another picture of Jean-Marc singing.


This is a picture of Jean-Marc singing and Ken playing bass.


This is Jean-marc in the front raising his shot glass, and Kevin and Ken behind him.

I can't wait to go out to Burgettstown on the 18th of May to see Grapevine again!!!! I just hope that I will be able to talk to the guys...It will be the last time I ever see them...I'm moving to Florida this summer...hopefully if I ever get up to PA again I can go to one of their shows...